We are very proud of our school and hope you will enjoy using this website to explore and find out all about our school.

The school has recently undergone significant change because of the Suffolk schools reorganisation programme. This resulted in the school having a large extension and taking pupils up to the age of 11 before they transfer to Secondary School.

We strongly believe that children need to have the right attitudes to enable them to make the most progress that they can with their learning. We have 5Rs which underpin all of the teaching and learning at our school. These are learning behaviours which we encourage the children to display. They are:


We also believe very strongly in active learning and try to ensure that each topic that the children undertake has a big start and finish. This could be a visit outside of the school, a visitor coming into school or special events. On the website you will see many examples of these and hopefully you will get the feel of a very exciting and stimulating curriculum.

Our school is part of the Fiveways Partnership, meaning we work very closely with four other schools in the local area. This gives our teachers the chance to visit other schools to develop good teaching practices and for other teachers to visit us. The children also meet regularly to share their learning and compete in events.

If there is any information which you require about the school and cannot find it on the website, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Head Teacher - Miss Sally Esom