Lakenheath Schools were built in 1878. The Victorian front of the present school looks very much as it did when it was built apart from a couple of flat roof additions, a front entrance porch, and a bell tower which was blown down in a storm.

Up to 1943 there were in fact two schools, one for the Infants and one for older children. When one of the Head teachers retired the schools were joined and have remained one ever since despite changes to the age ranges, first from 13 down to 11, then 9 years old. A modern extension was added in 1969 to cater for the growing population.

On Friday 11th November 2011 Mr Graham Cook, who is the oldest resident in Lakenheath who attended this school. officially opened our new extension. The opening was very well attended and it was lovely to see so many members of the community taking an interest in how our school has changed.

We are very pleased with our new classrooms, hub and studio; all areas of the school are now linked which is a great improvement. We will have all year groups in by September 2012 making us a 4-11 primary school. 

Each year group at the school can admit up to 45 children, meaning that when we are full we can now accommodate up to 315 children. Our catchment area includes Lakenheath, Eriswell and Sedge Fen. We also have a number of children who come to our school from other neighbouring towns and villages. With Lakenheath village living alongside the USAF airbase, we also have a number of American children on our school roll. It is usually somewhere between 15 and 20% of the total school population. We enjoy having our US children on roll and appreciate the diversity of cultures they bring to our school.

For more information about the school, please download a copy of our latest prospectus at the bottom of this page.

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