At Lakenheath Primary School we believe that strong relationships with parents are essential for ensuring that all children have a positive experience at school.

Lakenheath Primary School wishes to ensure that our families feel appropriately supported. Life can throw challenges at us when we’re least expecting them and children’s needs are so varied. So parents/carers who feel they could benefit from some general advice, guidance, or need support accessing other specialist services can meet with our Family Support Worker, Mrs Fox.

Mrs Fox is employed as a Family Support Worker and she works with parents on many levels to foster positive links with school.

Being too close to a problem can be difficult and sometimes guidance is needed to see our way out of it. Mrs Fox can provide the opportunity to sit down and have an informal, confidential chat about things she is impartial and non-judgemental this can be of real benefit.  

If you wish to make an appointment you can


It's not about your child's behaviour but your own.

Do you spend your life attached to your smartphone or tablet, never quite switching off, always poised to pounce when the new message alert sounds? If so, take heed: as with the rest of parenting, your child learns much more from what you do than from what you say. If you want to encourage a toddler to concentrate on one thing at a time, don't read bedtime stories with one eye on the smartphone.

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