PE and Sport Funding

The PE and sport premium has been allocated to all primary schools in England to improve the provision of PE and sport in school. At Lakenheath we will be using the money to up-skill teachers and improve their knowledge and teaching of PE, provide more extra-curricular sports clubs and enter more competitions both outside and within school and buy more PE equipment so that lessons are better resourced. 

In 2013-2014 the pupil premium funding helped us to be awarded the silver sports mark!

Other uses of the funding have been teachers have been - ‘Coaching for Teachers’ courses including football, tag rugby, basketball and athletics. All teachers have received gymnastics training and a gymnastics coach has worked with Koala Class and Miss Bailey. We have also had a netball coach working with Badger Class and Mrs Shewry. 

In the summer term Kakapo Class have a cricket coach coming in to work alongside them and Miss Lawn. He will also be running a cricket club after school with Miss Bailey. Fox Class have a multi-skills coach coming in to work with Miss Harvey during their PE lessons. 

To find out more about what we are planning to do with the funding and what we have already done, have a look at our action plan which is attached below.

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