Photograph Permission

From time to time, in the course of normal activities, school trips and school events, children may be photographed or recorded. For example, the filming of a PE lesson for demonstration purposes or class share afternoons when parents are invited in and the children do something a little bit more special than a normal school day. It is important for us at the school to use photographs on the school website as it provides parents with a chance to see how their childrens trip or interactive learning had got on.

The photographs that are added on the website cannot be copied or saved and do not include their full names. It is important for us to protect your children both in school and online, to the best of our abilities. Of course if any parents do not wish for their children to be on the school website we take care to check permissions. Parents would have been sent a letter when their child started at our school about photo permission allowing yourselfs to give permission, or not.

You can also come and speak to us with any concerns you may have.

Internet Permission

In the course of normal school activities, children may be asked to use the Internet. The Internet is a valuable source of information for reasearch and is used regularly as a tool for delivering the curriculum. Internet use is strictly supervised. Internet permission forms are sent home to parents and any parent who does not wish their child not to use the Internet should let the school know as soon as possible.