At Lakenheath we use technology to help raise the standards of learning for all pupils. Computers and other forms of technology are an everyday fact in today’s world, so it is vital that the children are aware of their influence and develop safe and confident attitudes in using them.  Staff and governors are aware of the need to embrace new technologies in the future and therefore work hard to adapt and improve our technical facilities and ensure they are utilised as fully as possible across the curriculum.

Throughout the school, pupils have access to two an ICT suite, mobile computing and multi-media devices. These allow pupils to be taught within the whole class, in small groups or as individuals. Pupils use computers, digital cameras, audio equipment and other specialist tools to support learning in many curriculum areas. They have access to and experience a variety of different software applications including: Office, Scratch, photo art and drawing, systems flow and programming software as well as fast, filtered Internet access. The Computing curriculum has been redesigned and now we will be working to develop digitally literate pupils who are at home with the keyboard as well as the pen. Technology will be used in all subject areas to develop digital literacy and in computing lessons specifically, pupils will gain an understanding of the fundamental principles of computing and a basic knowledge of programming.